"DOG" Olive Green Leather Dispenser Bag


"DOG" Olive Green Leather Dispenser Bag


Fabulous leather poop bag holder has an easy to use hook that attaches to many things such as a leash, pet carrier or a pant loop. It provides that extra comfort knowing you will be ready for what may come your way.  These stylish bags will give you the chance to walk with ease knowing you have your essentials with you.
All the bags are made with fine quality leather and craftsmanship and come with adorable little leather dog on each pouch.
• Pouch attaches w/an easy to use hook
• Snap under Flap Closure
• Slit in front for bag to go through for easy access
• Attach to a leash, carrier, & car seat. Hook onto your pant loop. You can decide what works best.
• Height 2.5”, Width 1.75”, Length 4.0”

Delivery is approximately 3-4 weeks and is not available for refund or exchange.

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