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Welcome to Diamonds In The Ruff Ruff personal shopper for your pooch!

Let us show you an outstanding way to shop for your fur baby.

We are passionate about fashion for dogs and will work with you side by side to guide you through our website, and help you browse through the many collections available for your breed of dog.

Diamonds In The Ruff Ruff has a large selection of beautiful and unique designs, all hand made to order. We will review the sizing charts together to ensure proper fit and help you select the perfect outfits matched with our beautiful Swarovski Crystal accessories. Interested in our doggy furniture? We can discuss pieces that will compliment your home! 
We even have matching jewelry sets for you and your baby...

It’s easy and so much fun... 

During your FREE 30- minute phone consultation, you will discuss your needs with the designer. Just share some simple information with us like the breed of your dog, coloring of fur, age, weight, personality and any other fun facts that will help us to select the perfect pieces for your pup. Sharing a photo would be even better. Do you live near the beach? 
Or in the mountains... 

We guarantee that you will have a fun, satisfying, and bonding
UNIQUE DOG EXPERIENCE with your best friend
That will have all your doggy friends jealous! 

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